Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services

When you feel lost in the complexities of Ohio Workers’ Compensation, utilizing a Third Party Administrator can help you to navigate through. Let ECP be your guide!

What is a Third Party Administrator (TPA)?

A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is a company which can work with you, your policy, and your claims to control cost and risk associated with workers’ comp. A TPA manages claims and can also help with program enrollment.

Why should I use a TPA?

Claims often can get out of control. Many factors can attribute to this such as fraudulent claims, improper representation at hearings, inexperience, as well as minimal knowledge of reimbursement opportunities. A TPA is an expert in Ohio workers’ compensation, and has the employer’s best interest in mind. In addition to claims management, utilizing a TPA is the only way to be part of a Group Rating Program to receive a group discount.

Why should I choose ECP for my TPA?

ECP’s workers’ compensation representatives have over 200 years combined experience. They have worked for the BWC, lawyers, and competitor TPAs, combining all of their knowledge and experience to provide our clients with unparalleled service. ECP works with each client to control risk, keep claims costs realistic, and obtain reimbursements when eligible. Attorney representation is included with all new client TPA fees, reducing the amount of additional out of pocket cost when a claim occurs. In the event of an extensive claim, ECP also offers Independent Medical Exams based on client approval.

Can I change my TPA at any time?

There are no restrictions on when you are able to change your TPA. An updated permanent authorization form (AC-2) will be required to do so. In addition, a letter of termination should be provided to your prior TPA to prevent double billing or claims management issues.

If I have an active claim, can I still change my TPA?

Yes, you may still change your TPA. Thousands of companies are faced with this situation every year. The BWC generally allows a continuance for the hearing. This provides the new TPA with time to become familiar with the claim.

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“It is very reassuring to know that we are being represented by a company with our best interests in mind, when you acquire ECP you can bet they are doing everything possible on your behalf to produce the results you are looking for!”

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