State-Funded vs. Self-Insured

Let ECP’s Self-Insured Division Free You to Focus on the Growth of your Business, While we Focus on Reducing your Workers’ Compensation Costs.

Is Self-Insurance Right For You?

In a time of budget constraints, why spend time and money on programs and premiums that cause more frustration and minimally save? With ECP’s Self-Insured division, we can create a solution to fit your company’s specific needs, giving you the tools to reduce cost, operate more efficiently, and free you to focus on growing your business.

ECP’s Self-Insured division provides proactive claims management strategies with outstanding customer service. Our Self-Insured division staff has an average of 30 years experience. We understand that cost containment is important to your company and our staff is dedicated to keeping your workers’ compensation costs to a minimum.

Why Choose Self Insurance?

Self Insurance can offer great savings to employers who financially qualify to pay the direct cost of their own workers’ compensation coverage. It allows companies to have more control over the cost and impact of their workers’ compensation claims. Most qualified employers can compare the amount they are currently spending versus their actual claims cost including reserves to determine the savings opportunities. Employers Choice Plus can provide expert assistance by administering your program in compliance with Ohio law.

Not Self-Insured; Interested in Reviewing?

We can provide a free consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for Self Insurance including a feasibility study, assistance with the application, provide quotes for Excess Insurance, and even recommend legal counsel if needed.

To qualify for self-insuring status, an employer must meet several requirements. Some of these requirements include:

  • Two years experience with the state insurance fund
  • The ability to demonstrate strong financial stability
  • An account with a financial institution in Ohio or draw compensation checks from the same account as the payroll checks
  • A BWC-certified Qualified Health Plan (QHP) or Medical Management Plan


Learn more: How We Serve Our Clients

Contact an ECP Representative today at 513-759-3159 to begin the process of becoming a Self-Insured employer.

“Our account manager is excellent and has done such a good job for us over the past years. Her claims handling is phenomenal.”

Darlene C., Corporate Workers’ Compensation Coordinator of a national manufacturing company

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