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Human Resources and Benefits Administration is an essential part of every business; small employers to large corporations must be compliant within their industry. Let ECP free you to focus on the continuing success of your business, while we take care of the rest.

Human Resources and Benefits Administration*

Business is about people. Success is measured not only by numbers, but also by the happiness of your clients and employees. When it comes to employees, laws change, and staying compliant can be very time consuming. Without a professional handling compliance, keeping up can be quite stressful. ECP can help ease that stress by working with you and your staff to keep you informed, assist in hiring and terminations, training, disciplinary action, policy and procedure manuals, as well as employee forms. In addition to these services, we are also able to handle all aspects of Unemployment Compensation.

*These services are included with enrollment in our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). For an additional fee, HR and Benefits Administration are available with Workers’ Compensation Administration or Payroll.

Why should I use an outside company for my HR and Benefits Administration?

Some companies are capable of employing an entire staff to fulfill their Human Resources needs; others rely upon less people to do so. If your company has a staff that seems to be spread thinly among the many aspects of maintaining compliance along with other responsibilities such as payroll, hiring, disciplinary action, training, and much more, then utilizing an outside company may benefit you. Outsourcing HR and Benefits Administration doesn’t mean downsizing your staff, it simply means receiving assistance from a company that is always compliance current and dedicated to working with you and your team.

Why Choose ECP for HR and Benefits Administration?

ECP takes pride in our ability to offer solutions to clients that not only save time and money, but reduce the amount of stress that running a business brings. Our staff is dedicated to listening to our clients needs so that we may be better served to meet and exceed their expectations. We understand that everyone’s HR and Benefits Administration needs are different; therefore, we can create an option for each client with as much or as little assistance as they choose.

Contact an ECP Representative today at 513-759-3159 to find out more information about how ECP can help free you to focus!

Staying up to date on employment laws as they evolve and compliance are not always easy tasks; using a company like ECP can make all the difference.

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