Workers' Comp
For State Funded Workers’ Compensation clients, there are several programs that are available to reduce rates. We strive to offer solutions that require less out of pocket cost and are less stressful to manage. We can present each company with an individual analysis to reduce the elevating cost of workers’ compensation. These include programs like Group Rating, Third Party Administrative services, Deductible programs, and Self-Insured TPA services.
ECP Payroll Services provides fast, accurate and flexible payroll processing services at prices that can be much lower than the national providers. We are able to tailor a payroll option that fits your needs with choices such as payroll tax reporting, workers’ compensation withholding, pick up or delivery of paychecks, custom reporting, and swipe clock.
Through our PEO, we can offer reduced costs in the areas of workers’ compensation and payroll. In addition, we include HR Administration, and allow the client to decide how much or little assistance is needed. PEOs can enable clients to cost-effectively outsource human resources management, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation.
Our HR consulting services are available to assure you are always in compliance and keep your company informed as employment laws change and evolve. Inviting ECP to assist with your HR and Benefits Administration can provide you with the vision and capabilities to grow your business more successfully.

At ECP, we make running your organization easier
by assisting with the time consuming tasks of workers’ compensation, payroll processing, unemployment compensation, retirement packages, a host of tax and reporting services, and health care selection and administration. Our consultants can help you achieve substantial cost savings while improving benefits and reducing employer risk.

Our company has been a customer since 2008 and it was the best decision we ever made! The savings alone was enough to make the change but having a staff of wonderful people to work with is awesome.
Jane Snider, Co-owner
Don Snider Roofing, Siding & Gutters